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Lawrence E. Kincade, Ph.D., LCSW > Couples Inventory

Legend:               HS - A highly satisfactory part of our relationship

                             NP - No problem in our relationship

                               P - A problem in our relationship

                             SP - A serious problem in our marriage


A.    Money

    1.   Amount of money available                                       HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Who earns it                                                              HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Who spends it                                                            HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Who keeps track of it                                                 HS     NP     P     SP

B.    Household Tasks

    1.   House repairs and upkeep                                         HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   House cleaning                                                          HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Other chores                                                              HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Purchase of household items                                     HS     NP     P     SP

C.   Employment

    1.   Job satisfaction                                                           HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Who works                                                                  HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Time spent away from home on job                            HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Job training                                                                 HS     NP     P     SP

    5.   Educational advancement                                          HS     NP     P     SP

D.   Recreation

    1.   Family activities                                                          HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Individual and/or joint activities                                   HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Vacations                                                                    HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Money spent on vacations                                          HS     NP     P     SP

    5.   Importance of recreation                                             HS     NP     P     SP

E.   Health

    1.   Check-ups                                                                   HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Ilness                                                                           HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Financial impact                                                           HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Alcohol or drug use                                                      HS     NP     P     SP

F.   Education

    1.   Differences in level of education                                  HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Importance of education                                               HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Children's education                                                     HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Finances for education                                                 HS     NP     P     SP

G.   Religion

    1.   Differences in religious faith                                         HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Religious training of children                                        HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Financial support                                                         HS     NP     P     SP

H.   Relatives                                                                          

    1.   Frequency of visits                                                       HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Cultural or ethnic background                                      HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Financial support                                                          HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Influence of parents                                                      HS     NP     P     SP

I.    Children

    1.   Number of children                                                        HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Care of children                                                             HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Approach to behavior problems                                     HS     NP     P     SP     

    4.   Performance in school                                                   HS     NP     P     SP

    5.   Time spent with children                                                HS     NP     P     SP

    6.   Future plans for children                                               HS     NP     P     SP

    7.   Adoption or foster care                                                  HS     NP     P     SP

    8.   Issue of step-children                                                    HS     NP     P     SP

    9.   Issues with previous spouse                                          HS     NP     P     SP

J.   Communication

    1.   Amount of communication                                              HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Expressing problems or concerns                                  HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Listening skills                                                                HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Expressions of affection                                                 HS     NP     P     SP

K.   Sex

    1.   Frequency                                                                      HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Extra-marital relationships, past or present                    HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Overall quality of intimacy                                               HS     NP     P     SP

    4.   Techniques/experimentation                                          HS     NP     P     SP 

    5.   Impact of health                                                              HS     NP     P     SP

L.   Friends

    1.   Time with friends                                                            HS     NP     P     SP

    2.   Impact of friends on your relationship                            HS     NP     P     SP

    3.   Communication with friends                                           HS     NP     P     SP







Which issue(s) would you like to address first?






What are some things you do that please your mate?