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Lawrence E. Kincade, Ph.D., LCSW
Mind-Body Approach to Better Golf


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Why Should The Touring Professionals Be The Only Ones To Benefit From This Highly Successful Tool? 


  • Minimize Your Muscle Tension
  • Improve Your Visualization Skills
  • Utilize Your Gift of Imagination


You've Seen Dr. Gio Valiente On The Golf Channel And Read How Many Of The Top Players On Tour Regularly Consult Sports Psychologists.

Let The Benefits of Performance Psychology Improve Your Game Today!


I work with athletes to improve their focus and overall performance, utilizing a mind/body approach.  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and hypnosis have proven to be highly effective.  Active-alert hypnosis is generally more advantageous in sports psychology than traditional hypnosis, although I may employ both interventions as part of a comprehensive package for optimum results. 

In addition to golf, this approach has proven helpful for other sports, especially non-reactive sports; such as, billiards and archery.

Essentially, interventions can be designed to improve bodily awareness and increase mental skills like imagery, focusing and arousal control.  Emphasis may be placed on recovery of past peak-performance feelings.


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